We are committed to providing person-centered support to individuals with complex needs and disabilities. We understand that every person is unique, and our focus is on tailoring our services to their specific NDIA goals.  We take a holistic approach that considers all aspects of an individual’s life, not just their disability. Our aim is to foster community connectivity and empower individuals to thrive and participate fully in their communities

Our Services


We provide individual support to NDIS participants.

Community, Social
Civic Activities

We believe in the importance of each person engaging in meaningful activities and feeling connected to their local communities and participating in social activities which are important to them.

Capacity Building

We provide assistance to develop independent living skills which develop independence with: Domestic skills (cooking, budgeting, cleaning) Personal care tasks, Travel training, Social, communication and relationship skills.

Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

Psychosocial Recovery Coaches provide support to set and achieve recovery goals through guidance, encouragement and practical assistance. This level of support fosters an individual’s independence to manage their wellbeing while navigating the mental health system.


Support Coordination involves connecting you with the right services and ensuring your NDIS funds are used to implement supports in line with your NDIS goals. We will work closely with you to understand your support needs and coordinate and monitor your supports.

NDIS Specialist
Support Coordination

Specialist Support Coordination in NDIS plans allow us to work with a diverse range of NDIS participants and will liaise with the participant and support services regularly to ensure clear communication and positive outcomes. The role specifically focuses on crisis planning, prevention, mitigation and action whilst also addressing complex barriers to increase one’s capacity and resilience.

What our participants say

"I’m 55 and workout every day. My Forbes support workers are very similar to me, we all match perfectly and have the same hobbies. That encourages me to work out more as I know they would be too."

Our Values and Vision

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We respect all people and ensure we conduct ourselves and our work respectfully.


We believe, act, and conduct ourselves in a manner that builds trust and is trustworthy

Creativity and ingenuity

To continue to work in an ever-changing industry with an endless range of people, rules, and problems, we aim to be creative in how we approach our daily work and any changes, challenges and resolutions.


To continue to be challenged and roll with the resistance of change, we aim to approach each day and the work we do with an open mind.

Unity and

We feel that to be effective and fulfilled in our roles, we must be connected to our peers, teams, community and greater organisation. We strive to be united in our value driven approach to the work that we do, whilst staying connected to each other, those who we help, and the community.

Continuous Improvement
and Curiosity

We hope to approach all situations with a curious mind so that we continue to learn and not become close minded or an ‘expert’, with the aim of continually improving ourselves, our work and the organisation.

Download the Forbes Allied Participant handbook

You've got questions, we've got answers


Your key worker will work through a Service Agreement with you which outlines the cancellation policy in more detail and is in line with the NDIS price guide.  

If you cancel last minute your NDIS plan will still be charged for the scheduled time.

If you provide sufficient notice your NDIS plan will not be charged.  

Whilst we support all participants with an NDIS plan, we encourage you to contact us to discuss if we are going to be the best fit for you.

Yes, we are a registered provider. This means we are subject to comply with all NDIA Commission’s Quality and Safeguard measures.

We broadly service Metropolitan Melbourne and Barwon Regions.

When you are making a referral, we suggest you ensure you have the following with you:

  • Basic personal information
  • NDIA plan – This allows you to provide accurate funding and goals when completing your referrals.
  • Your Support Coordinator Details (if applicable)


*After referrals are processed, you will be contacted by our intake team to gather further information that will be needed.


We'd love
to help

Please contact our friendly intake team for any support to complete our online referral form on 1300 380 357.

You can access the referral form via the “Submit a Referral” button below.